It utilizes iso-metric resistance (contraction and relaxation), targeted specifically to your posture muscles. There is no device like this and serves this purpose. It is very effective for relieving neck and back tension, since it utilizes your own muscles with our patented resistance device to force your spine to re-align itself. It has worked great for people with slumped shoulders, neck problems, back problems, and other problems caused by poor posture and weak spinal muscles.   The PPD is like dumbbells, but designed for your spinal and posture muscles, not your biceps.




The Iso-metric bridge is an advanced method for developing perfect posture.  As illustrated in Fig 1 below, we can see an advanced practitioner demonstrating the technique. This technique requires years of practise, very strong postural muscles, and can be dangerous if not done properly. On close observation we can see that pressure is placed on two points in the body; the back of the head/neck region and the heels of the feet. The whole body is held up through these two points. The PPD is designed and engineered to mirror the bio-mechanics of this advanced technique through applying pressure to the occipital part of the head. It develops good posture for the user without having to undergo years of training. You can feel the results immediately, as you start to sit and stand taller.



Poor Posture

Keep the PPD on your desk or near you when you are working on the computer, laptop, or office desk. After you have spent hours working tiredlessly, then take the PPD and perform a few repetitions to loosen your neck and back up and return it to its natural posture. This will help you release tension and keep your productivity high. You don't even have to leave your chair!

Neck Pain and Stiffness

Neck pain and stiffness is very common and has become a chronic
problem for computer users and workers that are desk bound. Our device
helps eleviate that problem through just a few simple iso-metric

Back Pain and Stiffness

Back pain can be eliminated through strengthening the spinal muscles.  If you do not have strong spinal muscles, your body will be imbalanced, either leaning forward or to the side or both.  This causes strain on your back because you have now given the responsibility of holding your upper body up to one muscle group.  That muscle group will eventually give out and cause serious back injury requiring surgery and/or physical therapy.

Back and Neck Fatigue

With weak spinal muscles you will not last very long sitting or standing straight.  However, with strong spinal muscles, you will be able to sit for long periods with perfect posture without straining and fatigue. 

Blocked Energy Channels (Meridians)

There are two key energy channels that run up the back and down the front of the body. Muscle tension or stiffness will create blockages to these channels.. Complementary Alternative Medicine(CAM) use these meridians to treat a host of physical and emotional illness. The neck and spine are vital areas in which energy flows through. If you block these areas, energy can not flow freely. The PPD is designed to fully contract and relax the spinal muscles to open the meridians so energy can free flow again.

Poor Breathing

Poor posture limits the amount of air our lungs can hold.  This results in poor oxygen intake and absorption and can lead to cellular damage and metamorphosis .  Over time, cells that are naturally aerobic (utilizing oxygen), become anaerobic and cancerous.  This is how cancer develops.  

"Most health problems can be cured through proper breathing" - Deepak Chopra.




"Various conventional devices have been utilized in order to address faulty thoracic posture. The most common corrective device is the use of a brace. However, the usage of such a support system to hold the shoulders of a patient back has not proven to be effective over long periods of time. With the accompanying straps and harness, a shoulder brace may reduce some of the symptoms associated with mid-back strain, but such devices typically do not serve to correct the poor posture. In fact, the use of such support systems may further weaken the middle and lower trapezius muscles as they reduce the workload normally associated with these muscles. Furthermore, due to the degree of discomfort required in order to support a patient's forward depressed shoulders with such a strapping system, usage by the patient over a prolonged period of time may not be possible. In addition, due to the strap placement associated with such a support system, it is not uncommon to actually cause further irritation of the neurovascular structure as it passes under the pectoralis minor muscle."

"Other attempts have been proposed to improve posture, such as warning devices which sound when a patient begins to conform to a slumping posture. However, such devices are merely palliative rather than therapeutic for correcting such postural faults. "

- William L. Freed DC, Chiropractor







"I can't believe there's nothing like this on the market to exercise the neck and back muscles.
My neck feels better at work after using the PPD. It actually works. I spend hours bent over
stocking food on shelves and my neck and back usually hurt. " - Dave, Food Stocker, CA

"This device has helped strengthen my spine and I am sitting without fatigue. I also
used to have constant neck stiffness and the PPD has stopped them. I use it at my computer
station throughout the day. " - Scott, Programmer OR

"Standing straight is a must in acting. This thing really works!" - Ernesto, Actor/Student CA

"I used to have back problems and was using the door to re-align my back which
was recommended by my chiropractor. I found this device and I don't need to do
that anymore. The device works better than simply standing next to the
door using only the door." - Richard, Construction, CA

"My work requires long hours on the computer designing layouts and
marketing promotions. I was getting very bad neck problems and poor posture. The
PPD has helped tremendously! Eloise, Marketing Mgr, WA

"This device has helped with my neck and back problems" - Carl, Systems Controll Engineer, OR

"Thanks for the device. It really helps my slumping shoulders." - Ameer, Student, BC Canada



Do not use if you have spinal cord injury, severe osteoporosis, congenital spine deformity, pinched nerve,
instability or fracture of the spine, worsening of any pain or condition, or any severe discomfort while performing exercise movement.



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